Why Are More People Seeking Help From Consumer Credit Counselors?

Why Are More People Seeking Help From Consumer Credit Counselors?

The emergence on consumer credit counseling over the past few decades is mainly due to the increasing number of Americans who continue to charge their way into unmanageable debt. This is not to say that there aren’t some families and individuals who have ended up in debt due to no fault of their own – whether it is due to high medical bills, illness, death or a change in family status. But most end up in debt because of charging too much on credit cards and store cards and buying things on credit that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. At some point you just can’t keep up with even the minimum monthly payments, which in turn causes a huge amount of the debt to be just the interest owed.

For many individuals and families who find themselves in over their heads, bankruptcy can seem like the only answer. As a result of this consumer credit counseling organizations have emerged to try to deal with this growing problem by helping people manage their debts and make arrangements to get them out of debt. This is often the last step before bankruptcy.

In fact, recent bankruptcy laws have been introduced that require individuals to obtain consumer credit counseling before filing for bankruptcy in an effort to reduce the high cost of lawyers and court fees. Consumer Credit counseling is usually the best option because it allows to you manage and clear your debt without the negative impact of a bankruptcy on your credit report. Bankruptcies can stay on your credit file for up to 10 years and can seriously hinder your ability to obtain any type of credit or loan, and will bring down your credit score which can make it difficult for you to do anything from renting a house to getting a job that requires a security clearance. It can even affect your ability to open a bank account with an overdraft feature.

However, consumer credit counseling is not provided free of charge and not everyone can afford to obtain these services. Some are so deeply in debt that they can’t even afford help to get out of debt. But if you can go this route, you can get relief. Consumer credit counseling agencies can help you by getting your monthly payments reduced, getting interest rages reduced, getting over-limit charges and late charges waived and can help you consolidate all your payments into one payment to them. This will enable you to eliminate your debt entirely and clear your name, as well as rebuild your credit.

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